About the Author

Lyric Nolan was born and raised in Washington, D.C. Over the years, she has personally experienced many kinds of relationships, and all the lessons she learned have shaped her fiction.

She attended DC public schools and later attended the University of District of Columbia (UDC) to study Computer Engineering. Lyric also had thirty-three years of Federal Government service as a Human Resource Specialist, which ended in retirement in 2021. In 2014 Lyric decided to finally trust her heart, take a leap of faith, and put pen to paper to share her stories of relationships. Ultimately, sharing all of the lessons she learned that have shaped some of the craziest fiction love stories. Her first book, “Love and Hate will bring you to your knees,” was published in January 2018, and now the witty follow-up is “Unconditional Love.”


Old love is hard to leave behind when you are in love with Rick Tyler, one of Los Angeles’s most elite and popular lawyers. He is every woman’s dream; tall, dark, and handsome, albeit arrogant. Now living in Washington, DC, he wants his east coast lover, who belongs to the mafia, by his side. Then there’s Tina Black, Rick’s former lover who he has left behind in LA. But she feels betrayed and wants to make it clear their relationship is not over! Tina has a dark secret that could bring about enough pain to ruin all the people he loves. When there is money and fame, there is drama, and reputations are at stake. This is a wild topsy-turvy ride into the heart of true love.