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Love and Hate Will Bring You To Your Knees

Old love is hard to leave behind when you are in love with Rick Tyler, one of Los Angeles’s most elite and popular lawyers. He is every woman’s dream; tall, dark, and handsome, albeit arrogant. Now living in Washington, DC, he wants his east coast lover, who belongs to the mafia, by his side. Then there’s Tina Black, Rick’s former lover who he has left behind in LA. But she feels betrayed and wants to make it clear their relationship is not over! Tina has a dark secret that could bring about enough pain to ruin all the people he loves. When there is money and fame, there is drama, and reputations are at stake. This is a wild topsy-turvy ride into the heart of true love.

Unconditional Love

Rick is back in Los Angeles to get an earful of Tina’s past life, which is being exposed through her being tried for first-degree murder. Karla struggles with unconditional love due to her husband’s past that culminated in her brutal beating. With emotions and unclear whether to say in the marriage, Karla’s feelings are all over the place and she must decide what to do with her empire that her uncle Raul wants for himself. The risk is high, the dice are rolling, and Raul will do anything to get what he wants!